Exploring the Therapeutic Benefits of Rivers and Canals for Mental Well-being

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Natural environments are classified into green spaces and blue spaces. Since time immemorial, natural habitants have been known for restorative purposes of the mind and the soul. For example, the Victorians knew that prescribing sea air as a treatment for melancholy. S did the French who, for centuries, sent people with ailments to natural springs.

Statistically, spending 2 hours in green spaces such as parks, woodlands and fields has been linked to people feeling healthier and happier. Irregardless of age, gender, illness or disability, the health gains of the 2hours spent in nature appear to be significant returns which diminishes after 5hours.

Here's how all comes into play:

1. Water creates a sense of Awe

Water brings a sense that we are part of something bigger. This discourages self-interest and instead promotes outward thinking and prosocial behaviours .It thus improves empathy, humility and overall life satisfactions.

2.Water provides soothing and calming experience

Through our sensory organs, the sight, sound and smell of water provides a calming experience that promotes a uniquely positive state of mind.

3.Water encourages mindfulness and self reflection

Water is often seen as a metaphor for life itself—its flow, depth, and adaptability. Reflecting on these qualities can inspire self-reflection about one’s own life journey, challenges, and growth. The constant movement of water can remind individuals of the importance of staying adaptable and resilient. Clear water symbolizes purity and clarity, which can inspire individuals to seek clarity in their thoughts and emotions. The act of looking into clear water can metaphorically encourage looking inward to achieve a clear understanding of oneself.

4.Water encourages physical activities

Spending your time around the waters will prompt you to engage in activities such as swimming, boat rowing, diving. In return you get improved cardiovascular health, enhanced muscle strength and tone and increased flexibility. Water environments offer a diverse range of physical activities that cater to different fitness levels and interests. The health benefits, combined with the social, recreational, and mental well-being advantages, make engaging in water activities an excellent choice for a holistic approach to physical fitness and overall health.

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